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We are glad to offer you our help in cleaning of your house and flat. With the help of professional  equipment and modern cleaning agents we create comfort and conveniences at you home.

Complex cleaning of house, flat


General flat cleaning

- Cleaning of all surfaces and objects of the interior

- Vacuum cleaning of carpets

- Door and frame washing

- Cleaning of heating radiator

- Cleaning of mirrors  and glass surfaces  

- Cleaning of the floor

- Disinfection and cleaning of washbasin and bath

- Disinfection and cleaning of sanitary engineering, floor and wall tile

- Cleaning of the kitchen: removal of grease stains

- Cleaning of household items

- The removal of garbage (till 4 kg), washing of basket

- Removal of dust from the walls and furniture

- Washing of the floor


70 rub


After construction cleaning

- Removal of construction waste and dust

- Cleaning and washing of the floors

- Removal of glue, paint and cement from surfaces

- Cleaning and washing of the windows

- Washing of the doors

- Cleaning of the bathroom units

- Garbage collection without removal


80 rub

The presence of pats +30% to the cost of services.

To order the services please mail at inncleaning@mail.ru